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Street Photography Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Street Photography Tips: The field of street photography has undergone various changes since its evolution and the techniques have evolved much. Earlier, photographers had to keep themselves locked in a studio most of the time. But with the recent invention of 35 mm miniature film and small cameras, they have attained the liberty to photograph the world at large.

It was since then that the urban street, with its unending, brimming activity and unpredictability, provided the photographers with an inexhaustibly rich source of images.

You can now explore any city’s streets with your camera without having a doubt at the photographic rewards. Not only will your photography improve but also you will get to know your surroundings better through street photography. Here we will discuss the tips, tricks and techniques for better street photography.

How to prepare for Clicking on Streets?

The prime purpose of street photography is the instinctive juxtaposition of the various elements of a street scene that include people, objects, and features of the urban landscape. All these are technically photographed in such a manner that the composition derives a meaning or significance that is greater than the mere placing of its subjects being in the same place.

This basic tip derives us on a conclusion that composition and timing are important, but street photography is mostly driven by a sensitive, highly tuned awareness of objects in the street. With the practice of this trick, one gradually learns the ability to read the future.

This holds relevance to a photographer because meaningful juxtapositions usually appear with only a fraction of a second of lead-in time, and vanish in even lesser time. Therefore every shot must be anticipated by the street photographer: a little practice will prove that you must be very quick at responding to a situation that you are witnessing or you will already be too late.

Best Camera and Lens for Street Photography: Beginner Tips

The key to success at street photography was unlocked by the great French Photographer, Robert Doisneau, who explained it as, “Walk, walk, and walk some more”. Street photography would provide with the desired results if you explore your city on foot, keenly watch and experience the variety of scenes and subjects on offer.

For a convenient street photography, keep a camera that is extremely compact and lightweight, and which could be easily carried all day.

Keep the camera in your hand, powered up and instant ready to use. Your manual focus must be set, keep in mind you capture action within that distance: this trick would provide a boost to your camera’s responsiveness. As goes the saying, an imperfect shot perfectly timed is favored to a perfect shot that is badly timed.

Urban Street Photography Tips: Do’s and Don’t s

Privacy and security of people are often hampered in street photography. In some countries, people have a right to private lives even in public is a legal view. Therefore clicking photographs of people in public spaces without their permission may lead to you committing an offense. People, in some countries, sometimes get offended through photography on cultural grounds.

People have now become more aware regarding photography, worldwide. During instances where you want to photograph someone in such a way that they are the main focus of the image, the safest and the most polite method is to secure permission.

This street tip might just save your day. A street photographer must understand that featuring large number of people is not problematic, but even then, you should be perceptive to the people’s feelings whom you are clicking, which obviously take precedence over your right to photograph.






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